The exhibition Window of Opportunity is about looking into the multifaceted world of design. It is a way of seeing ideas and concepts from a new perspective and showing how we can plant seeds of change in the windows of our isolated quarters. When the world outside our window is in a state of disarray, we believe that critical design works that deal with social, environmental and structural issues are of utmost importance. We open the blinds into our individual projects, our inner worlds as design students and change makers. Through design we have the opportunity to explore, critique and open up for conversation and participation in and about topics that are not always easy to discuss.

A window can have many connotations. It can allow you to look out at the outside world, or peer inwards. It is an operating system, an opening towards the wide web and metaphorically our eyes are the windows into our souls. A Window of Opportunity is a limited period of time in which to act in order to achieve a desired outcome, something that reflects the current state of the world and the climate. If we don’t act while the window is open the opportunity will be lost and the window closed.

Under these unusual circumstances in which we had to work has led us to explore a new way of exhibiting. In each window you get to delve into a project, with its own rules and characteristics, all from the comfort of your own window. Windows are bridges between that which is concrete and physical and that which can not be materialised easily. This is where we invite you in through our open windows and into our intimate worlds, to look onwards in the face of adversity during this current global crisis where we need sustainable and resilient outlooks. Climb in to take a more intimate look at the array of individual subjects we feel an urgency to highlight and bring about change.

Exhibition program schedule

All streaming events are available at the Facebook event

28th of May
Online Fermentation Game Event by Stephanie Föhr

29th of May
“Log in or Sign up” reading by Emil Gunnarsson

30th of May
Online Fermentation Game Event by Stephanie Föhr

1st of June
Let’s talk about Småländska forests by Anna Johansson

Opening day: 27th of May


Live Broadcast Begins: Welcome and Program Introduction (@Facebook event)

Exhibition Opening Speech

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Interview with Student: Omaima Jaloul

“Guided Ritual – Exploration of Skin through Touch” by Suzanne Sköld

Interview with Student: Clara Veneziano-Coen

Thank you and Goodbye!

Graduation works

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Two Point O: Växjö Crisis EditionClara Veneziano-Coen

In an interactive exploration, the Two Point O project invites the user to climb the branches of the Växjö Crisis Edition, uncover crisis definitions, reveal areas of care and explore human to more than human relationships.

Encounter Border CreaturesXiaoyi (Aria) Shen

How can design impel us humans to go beyond current understandings of humanism and shed light on multispecies co-existence in order to re-position ourselves as relational beings?

Can I Depend On You?Яна Делийска

If you would like to strengthen the sense of togetherness in your collective, come pick a card.

Tasting Bubbling Naturecultures and Touching M/other’s HandsLaura Fähndrich

Blubbs and Plopps of microbes, shared culture, and human senses (and did I forget to mention naked feet?)

Survivors Of The Syrian WarOmaima Jaloul

War Survivors. In Wording Our Stories We Begin To Heal.

Trouble seeking in Småländska forestsAnna Johansson

I wanted to save the wildlife habitats in the spruce plantations we call forests in Småland, but instead I encountered a polarized debate, conflicts and controversies.

Business as UsualIrma Pettersson

A board game designed to criticize the human way of living as if Earth was disposable.

Simply Wood: The Kinship of CareNadja Okruhlicová

What is a piece of furniture? A static, moveable, but dead object. Placed in a household to facilitate comfort and support for us humans. The Kinship of Care is a design inquiry into the topic of care with furniture in collaboration with IKEA, young adults and the forest. This project is guided by slow design principles to bring us down into now and make the invisible visible.

Play, Tear n’ Care!

Future MattersRory Thomson Nelson

A project using a designed intervention in public space inspired by the questions:

How do we invite participation in collaboratively imagining and discussing alternatives?

How do we create a sense of urgency and agency?

Memento MittenLinnéa Ivarsson

A project about how making a mitten changed my perception of myself.

Nothing to do with us?Carl Larsson

An illustrated story centred on making sense of global systemic issues of wealth disparity, and how one relates to the problems from a position of privilege.

Shady BusinessNasra Rashiid

– How does Colourism manifest itself in the Somali context?
– How does the experience differ for generations born in a “postcolonial” era?
– How does living in a predominantly white society influence the perspectives of those subjected to Colourism?

Log In or Sign upEmil Gunnarsson

“Log In or Sign up” is an e-book that consists of short stories, poems, and interactive elements. The central theme of the writings is digital surveillance by companies. It focuses on the tactics they utilize to profit off our behavior and how that impacts our lives.

Beyond human (self-) care: Exploring fermentation as a practice of caring with humans, non-humans and the planet EarthStephanie Föhr

Let’s explore together the possibilities of more sustainable food practices on the example of fermentation.

Skin Landscapes: stories and rituals of touching senseSuzanne Sköld

An explorative journey through landscapes of skins and their stories, with practical tools to connect, using slow ritualistic movement.

Anger ManagementEllen Solding

Weapons for anger challenging narratives of female rage.

Comfort Food – Comfortable for Who?Una Hallgrímsdóttir

How can we design new ways of preparing and eating food that serve comfort beyond human-only needs?

The battle of OrléansLacey

An audio-tactile social game co-created with older late-blind players.

Nature walks by localsLouise Ekengren

Walk and Talk – A way to appreciate the local nature together.

There’s a Hole in My SockJonathan Nilsson

Considering the whole+hole situation, we need a system change now!

Stuck in a loopLilly Olofsson

Through online platforms, animation and poetry, this project explores stories and experiences from people who feel mentally stuck and want to find ways of healing from trauma.

Intra-CollectivityNorman Lammers

My Thesis is about a Manual that is designed to create, maintain and use a sustainable branch- or organizational- internal communication. It shows principles on which such an intranet can be based on. The target group is the decision makers of small- to medium-sized organizations that aim for a sustainable transition. The manual itself does not serve as a front-end design example of a sustainable intranet.

Tools for intimacyNynke Brandsma

Could you just give me some fucking tools to deal with my life please.

Spatial appropri-action: tactics for the post-industrial designerKaren Cort Nielsen

Exploring the possibilities of public space through skateboarding.

RewriteJulia Därth

Rewrite is a fashion zine, challenging the status quo in high-end fashion magazines by criticizing stereotypical gender norms and the male gaze.

White on the inside, brown on the outsidePamela Basil

The world of today is multicultural like never before. Nationalities, ethnic backgrounds and cultures mix and join together in endless combinations.